'The Seasons' Commercial Planter Subscription

 Sign up today for 'The Seasons' Planter Subscription. Enjoy the benefits of thinking about your storefront or patio set up once per year and let us take care of your setup and installation of live goods so you can use your time to worry about growing your business. Our subscription provides you with...

-Peace of mind:  You will get the best quality, and right selection of plants that will thrive and last for your business. We curate the plants to meet the needs of each location we serve.

-Convenience: The average business owner makes several trips to the garden store in peak season to secure soil, pots, and the plants they require. Often you will be met with long lines at checkouts, busy crowded garden centres, and low quality plants. Get our planters delivered with the freshest and best quality plants right to your business. Use our time not yours. 

-Saves You Money: We buy in large volume and pass on our savings to our customers. You will get premium planters at a budget price. We also save you money over the year with one fixed price. Costs of goods and plants are constantly changing and we do not adjust our price until after your 4 seasons are completed. Free Delivery is also included with your subscription. 

Covers the Entire Year: Subscribe in any season and get all four seasons in one easy purchase. Don't worry about going out to buy or create new planters each season. When the seasons change so do your planters. We deliver our planters in the time frames outlined below. 

     -Spring: Mid to Late April 

     -Summer: End of May to beginning of June

     -Fall: Beginning of September

     -Winter: Mid to late November

Don't have a planter no problem. We have planters that will fit our exact inserts for all our sizes offered.  We offer a discounted price if you buy the subscription with the planters. 

Available Sizes: 12",15",19", and 22" which will fit the most common sizes for commercial planters. Custom sizes also available. 

Special discounts apply for pricing and billing options for our commercial clients. If you are interested in this program please contact us today for a free no obligation quote for your location. Reach us at commercial@gardenxpress.ca