We offer a variety of fundraising opportunities for organizations in Guelph and surrounding areas. Shown below is some of our fundraising options for this holiday season. If you would like to inquire about more fundraising options email us at

Fundraise through our site:

-15% (Pre Tax Amount) back on all Purchases made over a 30 day period. Eg. $3000.00 in pre-tax sales from Oct. 15th to Nov. 15th will be $450.00 Paid out at the end of the fundraising period.

-All Deliveries made to the purchasers house provided they are in our Delivery Zones. See delivery and shipping for our delivery zones. 

-No Need for you to handle cash or take payment.

-We provide posters and social media graphics and templates to promote your fundraiser.

-All Purchases must be made with a unique code with each order placed on our site ( Eg. GUELPHFALL2022

Fundraise at your site:

-Get up to 25% Off our retail price on all items purchased for fundraising. You get to set your selling price and keep the margin.  

-You will handle all sales and payment directly with your customers.

-Pictures and descriptions of all items for the fundraiser will be available as well as marketing support.